Portable Decks For Sale In Virginia


Rent To Own Custom Built Decks

by Virginia Decks

See Pricing Below...

Looking for a custom deck builder in Danville VA?  Our decks are free standing and built to local code by local craftsmen.  Our in stock standard deck height is 27.5” from the bottom 4x6 skid to the  deck surface.  Height can be adjusted with concrete block of various sizes or on custom orders, we can adjust leg height to fit your door opening (See below).  Covered porches are available.  Upgraded black metal rails also available at $10/linear foot.  Sizes from 4x4 up to 16x40.


  • 3 to 5 weeks on delivery on custom orders/ 2 weeks on decks in stock
  • Steps over 3 high or 40” wide add $30/foot for length or width
  • Decks over 36” add 5% extra of total deck cost
  • $75 to remove existing deck and $200 to haul to landfill
  • $3.00/block for leveling deck
  • Delivery for 30+ miles is $2.50/mile for 8’-10’ wide, $3.50 for 12’, $4.00 for 14’-16’ + $2.00 per mile for escort vehicle.




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